For years, we have been pleased with a large increase in cyclists who, in addition to the cycle paths in the district of Kleve, also explore the nearby Netherlands.

The Lower Rhine and the cycling region Goch-Kleve, with its abundance of opportunities, offers an „El Dorado“ of offers for cyclists of all ages.

On the tours of the different routes, you will find numerous sights with interesting sights, information and impressions of the region.

Current cycling maps with node system, also for the Netherlands, we have of course ready for you.
In our large bicycle garage, with charging stations for e-bikes, your „Drahtesel“ are always safe and dry.

If you arrive without a bike and spontaneously decide to go on a bike tour, we offer rental bikes and e-bikes for you to rent.

In addition to „fun bikers“, various professionals who participated in cycling races or triathlons have also come to us and made use of our experience in the field of sports, e.g. in proper nutrition.

In the afternoon or evening, after your tour, we would like to invite you to our restaurant „Sternenhof“ or to our sun terrace. Let the day end with a fresh drink and a fine dinner.

From 25 people we throw on our stone grill and prepare a select BBQ, for every taste, for a small extra charge.

INFO: For the BBQ are not only large groups of 25 people necessary.
By arrangement, when small groups get together, we grill of course from 25 people and provide you with individual tables or tables for smaller groups.

With our touring partner Outdooractive we offer you the perfect tours here in the Lower Rhine.


Nierswalde / Reichswald – British cemetery of honor

Along the Niers near Asperden

Forest tour

Niers Nature Round/ Graefenthal Monastery Goch

Here you will find the perfect destinations for your next tour near our house.



Der Eselbauer



Grenzland Draisine

Viller Mühle

Gärten Kleverland


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